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  • Winnie Bradley for Afford2Stor Medford, Oregon

Convenience, Location: Choosing your self-storage unit

Whether you’re moving to another state, going through a life transition or simply need to free up extra space in your office or home, considering self-storage is a smart option. But whether it’s your first time renting a mini-storage unit or whether you’ve been a storage unit renter for years, consider the following to ensure you have the right self-storage unit for your needs and for the safety of your property.

Accessibility – Your Property, Where You Need It

As in real estate, location, location, location. Your storage unit should be centrally located and convenient for you to access. While a cheaper unit can be found across town, it may not pay off in the long-run if it requires an extra commute – time spent on the road when you could be doing other things. Also, consider a storage unit facility that is in a residential neighborhood as they offer more privacy, security and less traffic.

Convenience – Save Time, Save Money

More than ever, today’s smart consumer seeks out ways to automate and simplify life’s daily tasks in order to leave time to relax and enjoy life. Medford’s Afford2Stor helps simplify life by offering free self-storage unit reservations online so you can book your storage unit in advance, at no fee to you. Simply go to our Reserve tab, select an available unit from a range of sizes and make your reservation online. You’ll have 7 days to complete the reservation – meantime, your storage unit is reserved for you! And, Afford2Stor accepts credit card payments online, offering you convenience and helping you avoid needless late fees.

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